Help! Summary Card with Large Image not appearing in Twitter feed


I have the same problem as Lozula and others. I followed instructions correctly, my summar_large_image card works fine in the validator, even showing a preview of how it will look like on Twitter. When I posted the link from my blog only the link appeared as usual with no picture. Does this have something to do with Weebly which is where my blog is located?
Below is the link to the blog post with the summary card:

Thank you!


Your card is working fine - on the web, click the View Summary link to expand the card.


Thank you very much Andy for your reply! I am glad to know my card is working but where is the summary link you speak of? I am sorry if it is a dumb question but I cannot identify the link.


Cards only show up in the Twitter web site and official iOS and Android apps. If you’re viewing on the web, you’ll see a View Summary link at the bottom corner of the Tweet. When you click it, it will show the card and switch to Hide Summary as you see in the image above.


Have you tried to look at Twitter in a different browser? We have issues (only at work!) where the buttons and some menu items in IE will not show up. The “View Summary” is one of those links that we can’t see in IE. But if I switch to Chrome, I see everything correctly.


Thank you very much Andy for your feedback. For some reason there is no summary link (as you have shown above) at the bottom corner of any of my tweets and other tweets that come into my feed. Here are two screenshots. Screenshot A is from my twitter profile page and screenshot B is from my Tweet feed, the homepage. As you can see the “view summary,” is not there.


Also, thank you CastineDesigns for your feedback. Maybe it is a browser issue? I use chrome but the “view summary” link does not show. I will try another browser and see if it is the same.


It didn’t work with the other browsers :frowning: