Help "SSL is required"


Hi, I’m new to this type of forum and I need some help, now try from a system that I am developing in c # send a tweet to end a process, but I’ve already researched how.

I get this message.

message:“SSL is required”,“code”:92

        OAuthTokens tokens = new OAuthTokens();
        tokens.AccessToken = "aaaaaaa";
        tokens.AccessTokenSecret = "bbbbbbbbbbb";
        tokens.ConsumerKey = "ccccccccc";
        tokens.ConsumerSecret = "dddddddddddd";

        TwitterResponse<TwitterStatus> tweetResponse = TwitterStatus.Update(tokens, "prueba");

I have already registered in the application (Application Management).

thanks for any tip.


Hi, can you help us out by explaining what Twitter library you are using in C#?

Are you specifying an endpoint of


hi, thanks for answering, I’m trying to twitterizer, achievement retrieve account data as ScreenName or UserId, as to what to specify the endpoint does not like, thank you


I haven’t used Twitterizer myself before, but I wonder whether this issue is helpful? It looks like there may be some changes required in the library itself. It also looks like the author recommends other libraries at this point.


and if I have my doubts, what method would you recommend me to bring you to send tweets from my development in c #? Again thank you.


I’m not an expert in C# but maybe the tweetsharp or LinqToTwitter libraries would be helpful to you. Take a look at those.


Hi, change library and I worked with TweetSharp, thanks for the help.

for those with the same problem as I leave I did …

using TweetSharp;

string API_key = "aaaaaaaaa";
string API_secret = "bbbbbbbbbb";
string Access_token_secret = "ccccccccccc";
string Access_token = "dddddddddddddddd";

var service = new TwitterService(API_key, API_secret);
service.AuthenticateWith(Access_token, Access_token_secret);
 service.SendTweet(new SendTweetOptions
                Status = "mensaje."



great news! Thanks for the update.