[Help][SSL Certificate] - I can't capture packets api.twitter.com using fiddler on android



First I apologize for my English bad language :frowning_face:

i’m using fiddler for capture traffic but https://api.twitter.com doesn’t captured because ssl Certificate, I guess.

I need a Twitter API certificate for capture packets api.twitter.com using Fiddler

I need help for my project.

I use: Android S5


Can you describe what you’re trying to achieve with the Twitter API here?


1 - Login
2 - Sign Up
3 - TweetBot
4 - Auth
for my project in GitHub Universe 2017

I don’t know how to explain it to you because I didn’t try Twitter API, basically. I just want to do a project and need a SSL Certificate Twitter API

I heard someone say that the Twitter certificate SSL (api.twitter.com) Private doesn’t allow anyone to take it.

Is that right?

I just need an SSL/TLS certificate (api.twitter.com) .cer or .pem <3

thank you Andy


Ok my main concern and question is why you be using an IP / network sniffer and not using the API as provided? So sorry if I’m not understanding your use case here.