Help, somebody is impersonating me


Hello, this isn’t like any of the other ‘templated’ wannabes who wish to get verified just for the badge, as this is an legitimate reason. I wish to get my account verified as a fake account created with the name @HaryMullinder has stolen over 150 followers from me, my true account is actually @HarryMullinder, it has started advertising websites which I find unwanted, and it is losing me fans.

Mainly my fan base comes from my YouTube account, and with this fake account advertising websites such as how to gain free followers, its losing my fans, not only on twitter but on YouTube as well. Making my subscriber rate drop, which loses me views on my videos; which then leads to me losing money from the adverts on my videos.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could verified my account, as it means a lot to me.

Cheers, The Real Harry Mullinder


We can’t help with verification in any way here. This site is for developers with technical problems.


Where is it that I post then?

Much Appriciated, HarryMullinder


You can DM @support or go to


i need a verified badge somebody else took my face and changed my name around please help???