Help! sms verification, a human being pls, not a bot!



I am writing here because there is absolutely no way to get in contact with Twitter, and support tickets are getting closed automatically based on assumptions.

My account @cryptopatic was asked for verification but the sms never reaches my phone. I never changed my number!

How is it possible to get this fixed?
Support tickets have been ignored aince weeks now!

Could somebody pass this to the twitter devs??

the suoport ticket is 82322999, but its closed, nobody sees it!

Any new ticket I create gets closed. My phone receives other sms regularly!


Please use for queries like this. This forum exists to help developers with API questions.

We cannot offer any assistance with issues related to accounts (suspension, verification, usernames etc), or usage of the website, analytics or ads dashboards, and the iOS and Android mobile apps in this forum


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Additionally - when we say we CANNOT offer any assistance with accounts here, this is a fact. It is NOT appropriate to raise these issues in these forums. Your edit to add unreasonable language is not appreciated.

All users of these forums are expected to have read and understood our community guidelines. Thank you.