Help! My Twitter impressions are all wrong/changed overnight?!




I could really use some help here. I’m the Marketing Officer for this account, and every month I record our Twitter statistics to compare growth. When I lasted checked our stats for October, our overall number of impressions was 40K impressions (3 days ago). However, when I checked this morning our impressions fallen to 29K. This doesn’t seem to make sense. How can you retroactively lose impressions? Our number of impressions from previous months have dropped by 10K too. This doesn’t make any sense. I’ve already recorded our stats for previous months, so it’s making it appear as though I’ve recorded things wrong, when I know I haven’t. It literally changed over night. Has this happened with anybody else’s business account? Did you find a way to fix it?



We had the same thing happen to us overnight, losing over 200k per month and it would be nice for some clarification on this as we also keep track of these numbers for marketing/communications KPIs.


Having the same issue, even worse than before:

At first it was a 1/2 cut now it’s a 1/5 cut from the original (early this year).

It’s a shame that Twitter has had issues with their impressions for this long, especially when marketers paycheck (such as you) depends on impressions.


Hello folks,

This issue has been resolved and you should be seeing the correct impression data now.

For any sort of bug or data issue we proactively figure out how to ensure that it never happens again, if you feel your data has any issues in the future feel free to let even the Help? link folks know so that it receives attention from multiple angles.




Number of impressions on a tweet dropped from over 9,200 yesterday to 2,700 as of this evening…without any apparent reason for it. Literally saw the number change on my screen from 9k to 2k.

Seems there’s a bug, again.


Hi, our marketing team has noticed our twitter impressions have gone down to 30% of what we are use to seeing. As the content writer, the style, hashtags and mentions have not changed consistency but the impressions as of May 17 have consistently become 30% of what I am use to seeing. I am confused and have been trying to find out what is the reasoning behind this. I wanted to check in and see if it happens to be a bug?


Hi @BigShineEnergy Unfortunately I don’t think we can help with digging into that problem here because this forum is mainly for supporting the Ads API - if you are a paying advertiser you may be able to try to escalate for help via the sales support channel. Otherwise the only other way is to ping one of the Twitter Support handles and try to bring some attention to it if it’s only related to your twitter analytics.