Help me to restore back my deleted tweets with archive backup


Hello Tweeter Team,

My tweets were deleted last month by a third party website. Now I regret doing it. I have been a loyal twitter user from 2010 until now I’m a monthly active user. Twitter is like my public diary. I have shared almost all the moments of life with it. I want see all my my history of my from it while I grow up old. I want remember all those moments. I have never ask for any help from twitter until now because I really need this. Please help me to upload back my tweets with my archive. I can provide it if needed,


I would doubt that this is possible as someone could download their archive, delete the tweets, then tamper with the tweets in the archive and ask for the tweets to be re-added.


I would also like help restoring a few tweets which I either accidentally deleted or had deleted while page was open. They are not in my archive. I downloaded it and checked and they’re gone. I will literally pay if there is a way that they can be added


If Tweets were deleted there is no recovery process

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