Help me please with my card


I’ve created a Summary Card with Large Image and the Validator shows me the following text:

INFO: Page fetched successfully
INFO: 11 metatags were found
INFO: twitter:card = summary_large_image tag found
INFO: Card loaded successfully

So I think everything with my tags is fine, but the preview is not showing the image I want to. I’m new into this and I don’t know much about programming, so any kind of help would be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


The twitter:image:src meta tag contains the following value: 3 derecho penal.png, this is not a valid URL, URI and not correctly encoded. The right value would be something like


Thank you so much for your answer ePirat! That was the first code I had, but as the image wasn’t displaying, I changed it, as I thought that would work. I just made the change and put the right code and still the same, my image is not displaying in my card. :frowning:


Actually I think the correct tag would be:

<meta name="twitter:image" content="">

instead of twitter:image:src

And note that the URL you provided there gives me an error 404, so it is impossible that it works.


can anyone help me??? I can not see request to activate button on card validator though there is a messege that my site is whitelisted…

i dnt know what it means??? is my website approved? and if not than how can i request to activate when i dnt even getting the request button


If it says that your site is whitelisted than there is nothing else needed anymore. (At least there should no additional steps needed)