Help: "Internal Server Error" (appears for all actions)


When performing most actions including

  • posting tweets
  • retweeting
  • checking direct messages
  • viewing others’ Twitter feeds
    the message “internal server error” (500) comes up and the action is not completed. I have tried refreshing the page, tweeting via buttons on other pages, logging out and back in, and clearing my browser/cookies. Nothing has worked. I am using Chrome (EDIT: functions work on Firefox). I’ve checked relevent topics, but none of them have any answers or solutions except to come here (the Twitter dev API overview/code response page, notably). As I am unable to tweet, I cannot send any messages to @Support that way. - Absolutely packed with the same problem but no solutions.

Internal server error msg when I try to do anything - Same as above. No solutions, only questions.

Apologies in advance is this is under the wrong category.


Is this a problem with the API or with If the latter then your best bet is likely