Help! how can i embed the tweets of ANY user on a page (as a widget or via the API)


I would like to learn if it’s possible and, if so, HOW I can embed a widget on a mobile page showing all tweets–but it must allow users to change the twitter username for the tweets showing.

Reason being: we ( have a mobile app builder, so OUR USERS need to be able to select the twitter username, not have us select it in advance in the widget creation tool (in settings). So how can this be done? I am banging my head against the wall.

This page lists how to add a widget (which is what we need), but locks it down to the picked username. Even when I change it in the code, it does not matter; it always displays the tweets of the username which was selected:

The API references little that I can find about how to do this either… :frowning:


Have a look at Timeline selection there: