Help getting started


I need help getting started with the API. I have a personal account on twitter and I am developing an application which will be used by other accounts. Initially I am learning how all this works. I have registered my personal account by phone etc.
Basically to start off I just need to be able to read tweets and make tweets from an application.
My new application has a registered name and I have the keys and everything. Now I am stuck and my understanding may be imperfect so please correct me.
My understanding is that the application has to somehow allow any ids that use it ( and I have one available for the new application) to register in some way so that they can use my new application and that the new application can operate using that ID. I,e it tweets with ITS id and name etc not my personal one which I registered with as a developer. I cannot find information about this. Any information on how this works would be gratefully received but I am particularly intererested in usingthe perl module Net::Twitter.