Help for research project :)


Ohai :3

(first of all: sorry, if this is the wrong area… I tried to find the subforum where my question wouldn’t break things :laughing: )

Anyhow: I’m working at/on/(over/by/with? damn it ôo) a research project at a german university. basically it’s about linguistics and the internet (thus also twitter).

We have an awesome little program catching comments from comment areas on news websites and stuff, but now my colleagues thought “hey… there’s a thing called Twitter. Would be awesome to have.” :neutral_face:

So coming to my question :wink: is there any program, api, whateverest, which:

  • searches a hashtag
  • either “near me” or in a specific language (because… well… linguistics >.> )
  • saves and exports tweets to pdf / word / excel / odt or similiar?

Thanks for your answers, even if it’s only “NOPE LOL NONEXISTING” because then i can tell my colleagues “NOPE LOL NONEXISTING” :wink:

have a :cookie: