Help, Embedded Twitter widget not working in latest firefox


Help, Embedded Twitter widget not working in latest Firefox 42 but ok in Chrome, IE, Safari. On Firefox it just shows “tweets by (name of twitter account)” Is there any fix for this? Would appreciate any suggestions.


I’m unable to reproduce your issue on my Firefox 42. We could help you better if you can you share your website url or a jsfiddle/jsbin where you can reproduce the issue.


Hi there,

An example I can give you is ( if you scroll down about 1/4 of the way you will see “Tweets by @ctvwinnipeg” on the left hand side when viewed in Firefox but in Chrome, IE or Safari you can see the embedded Twitter Widget. This is the same issue with my website so because of it I have not added the widget to my site yet. From what I understand, Firefox disables javascript so is there anything else I can do?


If you see a shield icon in your address bar then your Firefox configuration of tracking protection may be blocking Twitter’s JavaScript: .

Select the shield icon and disable tracking protection for the current session. The embedded timeline should appear.

Twitter Timeline widget not working

Thank you. By clicking on the shield I was able to see my Twitter feed. I noticed many professional sites have the same issue so I guess it’s just Firefox’s setting are almost too secure.

So for the Twitter feed to come up by itself without clicking the shield, is the only way around this is to make your website SSL secure? (But as I understand, this would make the website load up much slower).