Help about the geographic location of tweets


How to get the place where the tweets are sent in the api search, is the location of the user?


That’s the text the user entered for Location on their profile. To search tweets with geocode information try this endpoint: Look at the “Additional Parameters” section on the page.


Thank you. But it is possible to get the location of the user or the location from where he is posting the tweets using Rest Api?. The idea is to get that location regardless of where the user is


Yes. Look at the link I posted. You can use geolocation data as a search criteria.


I am using these parameters and does not return statues, is empty


Yes, using the information @DanielCHood shared in the post above. However, it is only possible to do that if the user has chosen to add the geolocation to the Tweet. Only a small percentage of Twitter users choose to add geo information to their Tweets. There is no magic way to identify a user’s location otherwise.


Try with a bigger radius (the 1mi part of the query).


The geolocalization is available using gnip, what is the cost to get access to that api?


You can contact the Gnip team via this form. Note that the profile geo enrichment is an additional paid-for feature on top of the existing Gnip product you choose. It also does not provide any non-public information about a user’s location that they have not chosen to share via their profile or in the Tweet itself. You can see more about that on this thread.