Hello! I'm a new designer on the Cards Developer Experience


[edited to make it more clear that I’m designing the developer experience, not the profile pages]

Hi! My name is Jon Bell and I’m a new designer that’ll be working on the developer experience. If you have any questions or concerns about the process of making new cards, please let me know.


new layout sucks, i want to go back to the old one, but i can’t, I DON’T LIKE IT! what should i do?


Sorry to hear that, Gabriel! A few things:

  1. Since I’m in Twitter I can see things that aren’t necessarily released yet.
  2. Since I’m new, I’m not as clear on what “the old one” is.

But I know how it goes - sometimes new changes actually make things worse for you. Sorry about that. The more details you can give about what you like and don’t like, the better. Then I can work to get back some of the goodness you’re missing.


i like the layout that looks like twitter and not like facebook
this one


i want to switch back to the profile layout that looks like twitter, this new one looks like facebook. It’s ugly with this large header and giant fonts, just the old one like she uses https://twitter.com/_brunapetry

Look i switched to test, but i didn’t like it, i want to use the old one. Thanks btw.


Ah, I thought you meant a new version of the developer tools. I’ll pass your feedback on to the design team in charge of the new profile pages. Thanks!


the idea of this desing isn’t bad, but the font is just tooo large and sometimes feels kinda messed.


Hi jon. I like the new design. Just two things I would like changed. Here’s an image of our old Twitter landing page sidebar.

^I would like that old sidebar instead of the new one pls. Specifically on the landing page. The old one was better designed. Neater, cleaner. More organized. The header was perfect, and the Avatar, name, and @Mrhorror were all perfectly placed, smack dab right in the middle of the design. The new one just stretches out the avatar unnecessarily. Looks ugly and cuts off our profile header.

Also on the profile page itself? If we could have an option to replace that blue’ish colored background with a hex color or an image design? That color is quite unappealing. Until these issues are fixed, I think myself and others would appreciate a link or a way to revert back to the previous design.

I don’t HATE the new design. But I think the two fixes I suggested above are the missing pieces (In My Opinion) to perfecting the new layout. Heh. At least in my case.

Thanks, and nice to meet you!


I tried to switch back to my old profile but the “leave preview” button just didn’t work which is weird (and sucks). I had no intention to use this new layout, I tried to get used to it for a few days, and I still don’t like it, I’m not comfortable with it, it’s too heavy, too big, all over my screen, and if I wanted facebook, I would simply go to my facebook, okay?
Please, switch my profile back to my old one.


The useless header takes up screen space, and even when it’s blank makes the page take even LONGER to load. It’s already so slow, I’m not seeing the upside to twitter over FB, which at least has instant posting going for it. Every tweet on a computer is like using dial-up.

Tweeted pics have the bottom cropped off, w/no “expand” option to quickly see the full pic. You have to decide whether you want to waste more time to load the tweet on its own page. Bad, pointless design.

Also, what’s the point of Tweets vs Tweets and replies, when Tweets does not have the complete list of tweets. To see that, you have to go to Tweets and replies, and there’s no way to set that as the default, so you have to wait for the useless Tweets page to load, then wait some more to switch to Tweets and replies. And if you’re reading the feed and want to check to see that a tweet has posted, you have to do the two-step nonsense to reach Tweets and replies.

Stop slowing stuff down w/useless graphics, pointless features, and what’s w/the slow load time even before the latest shenanigans?


How do I upload the main cover picture? Every picture I try ends up looking all pixelated. Also, some of the picture is cropped off.

Thanks in advance for your help!


Thanks, @mrhorror! I’ll be sure to pass your comments along :slight_smile:


Sorry to hear that, @r_flourite. I’ll be sure to let the profile team know.


We appreciate your feedback and I’ll be sure to send it along to the appropriate team.


I’d try uploading a higher resolution copy of the file, but in the meantime I’ll be sure to pass your comments along. Thanks for sharing your concerns so we can continue to make Twitter better!


Hello so I accidentally switched to the new Twitter layout but I really don’t like it. For one thing, everything is so big and the header photo is stretched out so far it looks awful no matter how High Quality the photo is. Also the places everything is located is really unpleasant. How can I revert to the previous look?




Sorry you don’t like it! I’ll be sure to pass your comments along.


Can you direct us to who does design the profile page? Or a forum to submit concerns about the new layout?

Also, I keep getting a new notification alert, but when I go to the notification page, there’s no new notice.
Who handles issues like that?

Btw, there is no notification of your reply to a comment on this page. The only way to know you replied is to check the page. Thanks.


I’ve passed the team the comments from this thread, so they’ll definitely be seen. Sorry you’re having trouble, but we’re definitely listening. Thanks for the feedback!