Hearts and Likes Guidelines


I’d like to get some clarification on the Favorites -> Likes changes. I also think answers to these would be useful for other developers.

  1. What’s the deadline for apps to implement this change? It’s a conceptually simple change, but between new Assets, dozens of string changes, server changes, testing, new screenshots, new marketing material, app approval and localization there’s a number of moving parts. Also we’re moving into the holiday time of year which tends to make everything take longer. I’d respectfully suggest a deadline sometime early next year.

  2. Could we get a suggested list of translations for “like” “likes” “liked”? It would be helpful for languages like German which apparently has a really long literal translation of the word, as well as generally being good for consistency across platforms.

  3. Would it be possible to offer a, non default, option for a legacy mode of displaying stars/favorites? Meaning that by default Hearts/Likes would show, but the user would have a choice to change to Star/Favorites. I understand the need for consistency but expect a subset of our users will hate this change, it’d be nice to give them an option to revert.


Translated strings are available through Twitter Translation Center.

Like: https://translate.twitter.com/phrases/26003
Liked: https://translate.twitter.com/phrases/27804
Likes: https://translate.twitter.com/phrases/25433


Thanks for the reply.

I may be missing something but doesn’t seem to be a way to get to the different translations. Looks like to access the site you have to sign up to be a localizer of a particular language, and then you only have access to that language.