Heads up! Fabric is moving to StackOverflow!


Hey Fabric customers,

For the past few years, we’ve used this channel to respond to your questions and keep you in the loop of changes to our product. Our commitment to open, honest, and transparent communication hasn’t changed - but as part of the acquisition of Fabric by Google, we’re moving the Fabric community forums to Stack Overflow. For questions about Twitter Kit, please continue to use Twitter Community.

We will be staffing Stack Overflow with members of our team to ensure you get the same high-quality support you’re accustomed to.

The transition process will follow this timeline:

April 5th: After this date, no new comments can be added to threads. If your issue persists past this point, we’d love to keep working with you on Stack Overflow.
April 19th: The Fabric forums over here will redirect to Stack Overflow so you can find us easily over on our home.

As always, we love hearing from you, so feel free to comment below or reach out if you have any questions.


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