Having trouble signing into gifyo with Twitter


I’m trying to log into my “gifyo” account using Twitter, but when i click on the “Log in with Twitter” button on their site, nothing happens, or it says the application is not authorized/authenticated; when it already is.

The URL either becomes:




whenever i try pressing that “Login with Twitter” button.

Last night i was able to login once. After that I’ve been having this problem. I’ve tried revoking and reauthorizing gifyo on Twitter, I’ve tried contacting gifyo (they havent replied back yet), and I havent found any links which can help me with this situation.

If anyone can help, please do.

Please and thank you :slight_smile:


We are getting something is technically wrong on one of our access tokens all evening


i am getting the same issue for the last 2 days could not login since at least its not on my end


I’m having the same problem I haven’t been able to get into gifyo for days, it keeps redirecting me to the login page and it doesn’t work when I type my twitter info in…


same issue :c


what i did was that i clicked “forgot my password” and continued from there. you’ll have to use the new account you set your new password to. it sucks, but at least im on it now :slight_smile:

follow me :slight_smile:


O.k. so this is my problem, when I log in with my twitter It logs me into a different account and not my twitter account. It isn’t some one else’s though. It just made a new account for me. My account is still there when I search for it but it wont log me into it.
My account: http://www.gifyo.com/JaelanMTrapp/
Account I log in as: http://www.gifyo.com/gifyo45646/


The same exact thing is happening to me!


confirmed this is happening to me too from yesterday


Exact same problem, Im able to log in thru twitter. But not log in to my Gifyo account. I keep getting connected to a random GIFYOXXXXX account. No Help from gifyo admin. MSG them 4 times already and no respond.


im having the exact same problem, is there even a gifyo support team or do they just have a blank email account?!?!


Still the same problem 5 days later. Still no help or respond from gifyo admin.


Likewise, I’m also getting the same problem.


hello, did you solve the problem? i’m in the same situation now and even when it’s just an account, it really bugs me to lose it…


Flecys, the answer’s no. I just tried to get on for the first time in a year and it made a different account again.