Having trouble on read and write access with twitter tools


I created an app using twitter tools for my client so the posts on their site will automatically post to twitter. Need to go through OAuth and get the Twitter Username, Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, Access Token and Access Token Secret. The app confirms it is connected to twitter. However the twitter developers “My applications” panel shows “read & write” access, however on the clients twitter application settings page, it only shows “read only”. I can’t get it to change. Any suggestions?


If you issued the access token (or used the “my access token” feature) before the application was to read & write, you’ll need to regenerate the access token to upgrade it to the higher permission level.

To do this:

  1. Go to your application details page
  2. Note the current access token and access token secret strings on that page
  3. Click the recreate your access token button
  4. After a few minutes, refresh the app details page – your access token strings should change from the ones you noted in step 2, and the access token should note its upgraded status


thanks it helped


finally i find some sort of support forum

hi… i am having G R E A T - T R O U B L E… with this this
nothing is working
i cant even access the applications settings…
all i see is a button “revoke” access
please i need help
i have setup my wordpress blog… and want posts there to be sent to tweet on twitter
I have set EVERYTHING up perfect, and both sides show it as a successful installation

but when i post anything on my blog… nothing is showing in twitter
please not i have set up the setting on the word press side PERFECTLY
this is most defiantly an issue on the twitter side

I have no clue about all the various options on the twitter ap settings… but when i first setup the app on twitter, it showed me a page where i could change various settings.
I have NO IDEA how the hell i see those settings again

i go to the icon at the top of my twitter account… and goto the menu select "settings"
that brings me to a page… of settings… i select the the “apps” link to the left. and it shows me a box with denials of my app, but there are no buttons or links ANYWHERE to “GO INTO” the apps settings… all i see is a button “Revoke access” … and to the top of that i see a link "Learn more"
which brings me to this: https://support.twitter.com/articles/76052
like what the hell?

further more, i have spent the last 2 to 3 days emailing twitter… with the wordpress to twitter link issue, and all i get are stupid automated responses… i could not find any forums, phone numbers… or any other support

naturally, after 3 days of this nightmare, i am at the end of my patients … i am very angry at the whole situation… frustrated, weary, fed up

can someone take a little time out to help me please? … i just cant do this on my own anymore… i need help.



Applications used to be maintained on twitter.com. Now they are maintained on this site. Go to https://dev.twitter.com/apps to adjust your application’s settings. Having never used the Wordpress integration you’re making use of, I’m not sure what you might be looking for but it’s possible you need to regenerate an access token if you’ve inadvertently revoked its access in the past. You might find it easier for you to create a brand new application on this site, then copy and paste the details into your Wordpress installation as if you were setting it up from the beginning. What fields does the Wordpress tool ask for?


Hi Twitter,

I am facing an issue with my tweet count. I did a erase all tweets and it’s still showing a count of 2,925 on my page and I cannot even see those tweets.
Please help!

Thank you.


I am loosing counts on my twitter, the numbers of followers are decreasing rapidly. Last week there were 401 followers, a week later 10 more followers were assigned to me. However, the count of my followers have now decreased to 393. Please stop the person who is doing this to my followers.


Thanks a ton, These steps worked for me! :slight_smile: - Hari


I am so confused. Can someone help? I’m trying to update my wordpress so that my twitter feeds show on my website. My website is asking for:

Wordpress is asking for: consumer key, consumer secret and access token and token secret.

The availability I have in Twitter is:
API key
App-only authentication
Request token URL
Authorize URL
Access token URL
Api Secret

How do these match up? What info do I need to list?


Hello, I’m trying to grand the access from read to read/write. Easy. Except that I need to enter a mobile phone number. I’m doing that and the programm ask me my country and my phone carrier and my phone number. What I do.
When I press ENTER I receive a message that there is a problem with the twitter/carrier interface (who is MOBISTAR / Belgium is in the listbox). So I cant receive the respons code needed to grand the authority code. I’ve send a message to the twitter support, but no aswer.

What can I do ?