Having trouble embedded a live Twitter feed into my website


It’s a WorkNotes account. I watched a tutorial and figured out how to make a widget, but it basically is no different than copying and pasting the website address as a link on the site.


You might want to check out the official documentation for embedded Timelines, if you still have questions, please clarify the problems you are experiencing :slightly_smiling:


I did that, but when I went to embed it in my website, a www.worknotes.com account, it only displayed it as a hyperlink, if I’m using the techie terms correctly. :wink:


Please provide an example of the widget not working on your website, else it’s really hard to help you or debug your problem.


Tweets by @soccer_sms


Sorry if I was unclear, I meant that I need to see the widget on your website. Its of absolutely no use to try to paste it here :wink:


It didn’t paste the full HTML.


If you want to paste the HTML code here, please use the correct code notation (either paste the code, select all of it and click the symbol </> or if you are familiar with markdown, use fenced code blocks)


Sorry. Ha! Okay. So, by some miracle, it looks like it is posting properly. It wasn’t looking like this from a different view.



Your markup is horribly malformed:


You can probably tell, I am not a tech genius. I have to learn everything as I go. This is what I got when I simply “copied and pasted” that particular page, where the live Twitter feed is now displaying. I’m having the owner of the Twitter page post a test Tweet once she is available to, so I can make sure it is updating properly. I may be back to ask for more help.


It looks like you may have pasted the HTML markup into an “add link” dialog, which placed the text inside an href attribute usually containing a URL. The link contains our link and script inside.

The embedded user timeline renders for me in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

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