Having sensitive and non-sensitive twitter cards on same site


Hello Twitter team,

I have successfully implemented twitter cards on my site: added on site, passed validation, approved request and cards are working on twitter feed.
But when I have requested approval, I marked that my content is sensitive. I have done this because I know that some small part of the content i put on the card is in fact sensitive. However, the most of my content is not sensitive. And would be cool, if this content would be show on twitter feed expanded, like all other normal content.
I am able to mark sensitive cards inside my site engine (i.e. in meta code), so I can pass to twitter which cards are sensitive and which are not. Is there a way how can I control this? Thus, all my non sensitive cards will be shown as good?

Regards, Alex.


Any features regarding this? What to do?

A solution came to my mind: I can remove all sensitive pics for twitter cards(put a black box in the pics). So the sensitive pic will be shown only on the site, after user hit the button “I agree, I am over 18”. All non sesnitive pics will be show on twitter.




Hi @rileysheaven,

Unfortunately, we don’t have support for this on a page-by-page basis at this point. I’ll be sure to take your input/feedback to our engineering team.