Having Panic Attacks Due to Account Suspension - Please Help!


To Whom it May Concern at Twitter,

I was suspended Friday night and filled out a request #11462645 I have an anxiety/panic disorder and am having bad panic attacks due to my suspension. I explained that I used a 3rd party site for free and received 20 followers. No password or paying was involved. I am terribly sorry that I did and have revoked the site’s access to my account. I swear that I haven’t spammed anyone or followed aggressively. I give my word that I will be extremely careful to check my account carefully and have carefully read and will obey every rule. Please give me another chance and restore my account.

Thank You


From what I’ve understood Sheri, most of the accounts get unsuspend, so therefore there is a good chance that your account will be restored, just hang in there. :slight_smile: (pardon my bad english) I’m waiting too, my account is suspended too and I’m dying to get back.