Having Issues with Whitelisting Summary Cards


Hey guys I’m trying to get the twitter summary cards to work with my website. It seems to work with this page

but not with this page

when I try to validate the bottom link it shows this in the log
INFO: Page fetched successfully
INFO: 3 metatags were found
WARN: Not whitelisted

any help would be greatly appreciated!


In the latter case:

curl -A Twitterbot http://whatsthescoops.com/pages/event_page.php\?eventid\=24781614697414656

Returns no Cards metadata.

Please review the FAQ post in detail and then post any further issues.


Thanks so much for replying.

Sorry I’m new here, where can I run this command? It seems the link in the command you used is wrong, should be:

I am importing the metadata from a js file after the body is loaded, maybe this is a problem?


Very likely - the cards crawler cannot execute in-page javascript.


In my original post is says that it found 3 metatags

INFO: 3 metatags were found

does this mean It has found the metatags but still will not render the card?


No, it found three meta tags, but they are unrelated to Twitter cards.


I see! Very useful information, thanks for the help!

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