Having issues with the twitter on web


To whom it may concern,
I’m having trouble posting and @replying too tweets on the web. When I go to compose a tweet the tweet button doesn’t even come up. Even when I click on the pencil link nothing comes up. It won’t even let me check my lists on the web. I can not even log out from the main web page. I have to go to the help page to log out. I’m using a MacBook when I’m on the web for twitter. This has never happened before. Just started yesterday. I have no issues tweeting from Uber on my cell phone. So I’m guessing this is a web issue. Please let me know what to do to solve it. Thank you. @VanessaLovesJK


Never mind it works now! I figured it out. I had to turn my wifi off and on again.



Regards, Kevin Eduardo.