Having issue using Cards with Shopify



I think I may have missed something obvious while trying to get Twitter cards up and running with my Shopify store - hoping the community here can provide some insight.

I followed the exact steps here: http://bit.ly/ShopifyTwitter and when I tried to validate I got an error message saying "Error: No Card Found (Card Error).

I’m attaching here 2 images: The line of code I added to my Shopify theme and the code within the “snippet” I created in Shopify.

Hoping someone can point out what I’m missing here. Thanks in advance!


Also, here is the exact screen shot of the error message I got:


Any thoughts here?


I’m not too familiar with Shopify, but I am seeing an error message when viewing your webpage. I assume the file named “snippets/twitter-card.liquid” is not found and therefore the tags are not included in your page. Do you need to define the use of this file or include it somewhere in your code?

The exact error I see is:
Liquid error: Could not find asset snippets/twitter-card.liquid


jbulava is on the right track. In your theme.liquid you are pointing toward ‘twitter-card’ however your snippet is named twitter-cards, with an s. You just need to rename that snippet.


Hey guys,

Really appreciate your time and insight on this. Made the change and am still having the same issue. Any other thoughts on what the roadblock could be here?


Also changed the name of the snippet to just twitter-card (without the liquid) and had the same result.