Have you been waitlisted for access to a developer account?


Hi. I too have applied for a development account and verified my email address 12 days ago, but haven’t received any other email, nor have my application been confirmed or rejected. Is there a way to know whether Twitter has send an email with further questions which has somehow not arrived?


I, like others, have been waiting for some time. It has been 13 days since I submitted an application. I require access for a class project. This delay may cause me to withdraw from the class and may delay my graduation by months. Since my application, I have received no communication from Twitter and it simply states my application is under review. I am posting this experience to provide Twitter staff and other community users with data in hopes of improving the process. Thanks.


First off, thank you all for your patience as we work through the growing list of developer applications.

I do want to address a few questions in here that I believe add value to the conversation.

How do we know if the review process has started yet?
Once you’ve verified your email address, you have been added to our queue.

What do we look at when we review your applications?
We review all of the information that you submit, but take a very close look at your use case. If your use case does not include enough detail, we will reach out to you via email when we get to your application and ask for clarification. If your use case looks to be against our policies, then we will deny your application.

How long does it typically take to receive an approval?
The best thing you can do to assist us in reviewing your application quickly is to include a clear, specific explanation of how you intend to use Twitter APIs. If it is easy to recognize that your use case follows the terms described within our policy, you will see a quicker approval. If your use case is more complicated or opaque, it may take up to a couple weeks to be approved for the near future. We are actively working to improve wait times even more.

Is this a manual process?
Yes this is. The best way for us to know that we are protecting the Twitter platform is to have human eyes on applications. We have a team of people working through this as quickly as possible and are actively working to improve wait times.

In what order are you processing applications?
We are responding to applications in the order in which they were received. Posting to the forums will not speed up the approval of your applications. Please be patient as we work through the queue.

We understand that this is not the ideal situation, but do want you to know that it is extremely important to us that we protect our platform, and the recent changes to the application management process is the first step in this process.

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I have applied for a developer account on Aug 9th nearly 11 days back, but there is no reply yet.

Can you please provide some update here? Do we get an email in case application is rejected/closed?

Thank you,
Chandra Dutt


Im wating from last 48hours for approval of my developer account but still no confirmation email …?
Please tell me how long to wait.


I’ve applied at 5 August, IMHO it’s really frustrating wait so long time.


Same here. I’ve been waiting since August 3rd. Not sure what’s going on.

@LeBraat is there a way to see where we stand in the queue? In my case, I am launching a new SaaS product and our development is on hold. Is there anything else we can do?

Please advice.


I hope your student isn’t put off by this. Writing twitter apps is an awesome way to learn. Being waitlisted or denied could certainly put off a beginner from progressing further.

It feels like the death of something great. Twitter, please sort this out!


You should check this out for educational use cases. All I can say is to not ask the students to apply, there will be another way for them to apply. I am guessing another queue will be assigned to them.


I’ve applied August 5th and never received confirmation or rejection, still says “Application under review”

I will appreciate any kind of information about my application status, I need the access to work in my Informatics Analyst’s carreer final project.

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