Have you been waitlisted for access to a developer account?


It sounds like it is common to be waitlisted. Does anyone know an approximate number of days. I have been for 4 days. FB, LinkedIn, Google are instant. I hate seeing people saying 2 weeks. That is like 2 years in developer timeline.


Hello, I was pleased with the straightforwardness of the application process. However, my issue now is that I have never received the message from Twitter to verify my email address. I have requested the link be resent several times and it never shows up. Can’t get past this:

My email address is good and I receive all the other notifications from Twitter. How would you suggest that I proceed? Thanks in advance - Hugh


thanks you twitter, finally you respond with a bad news, you destroyed my work


my account got verified after 7 8 days

just letting you know guys



i have waiting 20 days and at the end they tell ma that my request is refused


Hi, I applied for my Twitter developer account on Fri 7/27. I received the email asking me to verify my email, and successfully did that. Just adding my +1 here that I’ve been waitlisted for access as well.


What do you consider “a while”? I received the confirmation email that my application is under review on July 31st; more than a week ago. I’ve received no further updates, also checked my junk mail folder.


Hi, I am waiting for the account for almost 10 days now. How much longer should I have to wait? It says I have to re apply after 14 days. is it so? Could someone help me with this?


Can you please provide some feedback on the status of my developer application?


I’m scared to ask to move my account. I have a test application set up and i was going to run production also - but the issues I have experienced with the support centre leave me concerned that if I were to apply for a developer account, that it could leave my site in tatters. Going to leave it until they can sort their processes out. And then I’ll have a good long think about whether I want to expose my users to these sort of shenanigins.


Hello, it has almost been 2 weeks since i applied for a developer account and have not received any information on it yet.



Its almost 15 days now i have applied for developer account… No email received yet about confirmation or questions. Still my account status shows under review.


It’s been a week I applied for a developer account, with many details on the project and still no response !!
They say the queue is growing but, uh… why did you put that in place if you can’t assume that workflow ?

Please admit that Twitter is now competing to be the most restrictive and muzzled social network.


Having developed many twitter API applications in years past, I was surprised at seeing both “Your developer account application needs to be approved before you can create apps”… and also 4 tiles for 4 previously created Twitter API apps.

1 week ago, I requested this account be re-reviewed and entered a detailed use-case describing what I intended to develop the next app for and I have since heard nothing back.

Separately, I can also confirm I have received no emails from Twitter (besides the ususal spam : “See what user X is tweeting”

Does anyone know what we must do to find out where the approval process is up to?

How do I access credentials that were already in my dashboard before introducing this new system?

Kind regards,

Roger Davies


Hey Twitter, it has been close to 3 weeks since I applied. I confirmed my email and my status is still “Application under review.” Would appreciate an update.


@LeBraat: Could you guys give us an update here? I see so many of us waiting here. It would be really nice if you can give us an update. Really appreciate the effort.


Patiently waiting here for almost 16 days, would be nice to know updates.


Hi, we need to create new apps very urgently, how can I speed up our review?


Hi, appreciate the thorough checks, however our development is also blocked on this pipeline being approved. If there’s anyway we can add more credence to our app we are willing to provide more information but we cant update the application either.


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