Have you been waitlisted for access to a developer account?


Read this before you post in this topic:

As applications come in for a developer account, we are doing our best to quickly process those that have a well-defined use case and explain how they plan to use the APIs. Those that don’t match those criteria often require email correspondence, to understand what it is you are actually trying to do with the API, which takes us time.

You can read more about how much time it might take to approve your developer account in this announcement post.

Please confirm the email address associated with the @handle that you apply with and respond quickly to our review team if there are follow up questions about your application. If you do not respond reasonably quickly, your application will be closed.

If it has been a while since you applied, chances are that our team has sent you an email requesting more information and you didn’t respond in time. If you think this is the case, please search the email inbox of the account that is associated with the @handle that you applied with and let us know in this topic.

Posting to this topic will not speed up the approval of your application.

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Does developer accounts that have been already been approved in the past need to undergo the approval process again as part of this recent change?


Hello @ran5000,

If you have already been approved for a developer account, you will not need to go through the approval process again.

Thanks for the question!


Im wating from last 24hours for approval of my developer account but still no confirmation email …?Is it any other way …


Hey @linksflood - Thanks for reaching out!

I apologize for the delay in the approval of your developer account. The waitlist process can take some time to get through, especially if our team needs to get clarification around your use case.

You will have to verify your email address at the end of the application process. You should also receive a confirmation email after your application submission as well.

Just to clarify, did you not receive an email when you completed your application? This would have sent to the address that you have associated with the account with which you used to apply.

How many days to get Twitter Developer account

Hey @LeBraat - Thanks alott for replying …
Yes i got verification email after completing the process of account creation but I’m not able to create app because my account is under review and i got this message on the screen of app creation page plz see the attachment link below


You can only create an app if the following conditions are met:

  1. You have an approved developer account.
  2. You are the admin of your account (related to team accounts).


Yes You are 100% right . I’m the admin of my account and waiting for account approval to create app .
Thanks !


hi i am still waiting to get approved

I did not receive any further email other than automated one

my username is @berserktr at the moment


Please be patient with the process:


why did you change the old working system? I am still waiting and didnt receive any email

it is a huge loss for me each day


hey did you get any reply from twitter application to review i am also still waiting for their reply…!


I have been waiting for nearly 36 hours for my developer account to be approved and there seems no sign to be approved. While at the same time my two friends who applied for the developer account at the same time as me, got approved immediately without the need to wait for it. They never applied for developer account before it was their first time as well. So why there is so much inconsistency in the approval of developer account. Both my friends and I have same intention regarding developer account. However, it is baffling that some people didn’t have to go through the approval process while some are left waiting for more than a day and still no sign of getting approved.


For the “why”: we’ve explained the changes to the platform in our recent blog post. We had also previously signalled that this was on the roadmap.

We appreciate your patience whilst applications are approved. ALL applications are reviewed against the same set of criteria. As stated in the first post in this topic, please also confirm that your email address is correct, and check for any questions sent via email. You should also make sure that any use case information you provide is clear and complete - padding out a description with boilerplate text will not be helpful.

There’s nothing we can do directly via the forums to expedite the process. Thanks.


thanks for consideration brother I have a presentation in the coming weekend on sentiment Analysis so if you don’t mind can you share consumer and access key with me just for a couple of days I just need live tweets. If not then please suggest me another solution.


Hey @Shahzai37645354

Please do not ask for developers consumer tokens. These tokens are meant to be private, and only used by the developer who owns the app that those tokens are associated with.

Please be patient with the process. If you absolutely need this data, I suggest that you try to use our standard endpoints while you wait for your account to be approved.


@Shahzai37645354, @ThirstToJustice, @samittandukar

Yesterday, we posted this topic to try to set proper expectations.

Posting to this topic will not speed up the application approval process. This topic is simply meant for us to identify and address potential irregularities in the application process. We cannot give estimations on how long the application process will take, and will be actively cleaning up posts in this topic that are not adding value to the conversation.


Hello, have you already received the verification from Twitter developers or are you still waiting?


i still did not receive any email

my email is correct and working

i am getting correctly twitter notifications etc