Have any Twitter user_ids been reused yet?


I’m digging through older Twitter data and noticed some accounts that over time have become very different. Same user_id, but different screennames, names, descriptions, etc. I’m wondering if Twitter ever reused user_ids (say from a deleted user)? Bascially I want to know if the user_id uniquely identifies an account over all time, even deletions/suspensions.



Hi Frank, moving this one over to the Developer Teatime topic as it isn’t directly Analytics related.

The user_ids should be unique, I believe, but as you’ve found they can have different screennames over time.



if a user_id can be bound to different screen_names over time, doesn’t it mean that user_ids are effectively reused?

Thanks and kind regards.


No, quite the opposite - the user_id remains unique, but the label (screen name) can change.


Doh! I thought that the screen_name was tied to a user. That brings to the ground my plans for caching user_id-screen_name pairs.

Thanks for the point.