Hashtags Not working properly with Web Intent in iOS on Website Cards



Ok this going to be a bit long and kind of difficult to explain

I use website cards to get people to Tweet a pre-populated tweets via “Web intent”

Website Cards URL Field does no accept Arabic text, so as all developers know, it has to be url-encoded
Also, website cards url field - due to database restrictions and security - only accepts 255 chars! so for example when trying to url-encode any arabic text, it changes into huge amount of chars like for example

https://twitter.com/intent/tweet?text=شاركت على %23امجدtv و في انتظار معرفة ضيوف %40amged للحلقة رقم 6&url=amged.me

would be something like

see the difference in amount of chars?

to overcome this, we shorten the long encoded url to be something like: bit.ly/xxxXxxs

but, the problem here, on iOS, the hashtag “#” breaks the "pre-populated tweet and it shows as

instead of

Any idea how to overcome this issue?
it happens only on iOS, works fine on Android and Web as well as Windows