Hashtags Missing from Status with Image



There seems to be a Major problem with hashtags in the streaming API ever since they stopped being counted as part of the 140 character limit when a image is attached to the tweet.

Steps to reproduce
Send out a tweet that is close to the 140 character limit with a hashtag and attach any image. This status comes in with the hashtags stripped out of the ‘text’ node and the ‘hashtags’ array node is empty when viewing the status via the statuses/show/(id).json endpoint. https://twitter.com/wesholloman/status/785689567303049220

The hashtags node is an empty array and the hashtag is also stripped out of the text node.

We have a streaming connection to phirehose, which is smart enough to send us the status even though the hashtag is missing from the JSON.


You mention the Streaming API but also refer to the REST API (statuses/show/:id.json).

In the latter case, the truncated field for that Tweet shows that it is truncated i.e. this Tweet is in compatibility mode, which is the default for the REST API. Calling the API again with tweet_mode=extended shows the whole Tweet with a populated hashtags array.

Documentation on this is in the new extended Tweets page on dev.twitter.com (note that the replies changes described there have not yet been rolled out) - and this will be added across the endpoint documentation in future.


Thank you! Will give that a try.