Hashtag vs Tagline


Hello, I have created an application on tweet count based on specified hashtag written in Java.

For example, I have this hashtag, ie #aldub as the keyword. Also theres a tagline keyword aldub. Is #aldub the same as aldub? If I use the tagline (aldub) as the keyword in stream API, will that also filter tweets with #aldub?

Thanks for the quick response.


Yep: Using aldub as a keyword will match #aldub, aldub, ALDUB, @aldub, etc… Examples here: https://dev.twitter.com/streaming/overview/request-parameters#track


Thanks, in Twitter, do they separate the count of hashtag and tagline with same text? Like for example will #aldub tweet count in twitter be same as aldub?



What counts do you mean? In Trends? If so - I’ve no idea how Twitter does counts of hashtags and words for trends