Hashtag stream on site - any way to block someone abusing it?



As the topic says, is there a way to block a specific user’s tweets from showing up on my site? We had been using a stream of our hashtag and there are a few users who abuse it. Thanks.


You can use collections to manage a set of Tweets.

Individual Tweets can be added to a collection through TweetDeck, including selecting Tweets from a search result.


I had a look, I don’t see how to stop an individual user’s tweets from displaying in there though. We’d want this to be a live stream using the hashtag.


A search timeline is a shared, public view of activity on Twitter. A collection is a private list of Tweets you add or remove.

If you would like control of individual Tweets you should use collections. If you know search terms which would exclude certain Tweets you can alter your search query stored for a widget to exclude Tweets from specific accounts or containing specific words.