Hashtag search result with REST API vs in twitter


I’m working on searching hashtag with REST API with default settings. However, I noticed the search results are very different than what a direct hashtag search in twitter search bar would return, except for a few identical ones. Has anyone seen this? One response by episod at Why are the Search results in API search/tweet.json different from using Search bar on Twitter website? confirmed that “the website has a different set of search functions than the API.” Now, I wonder which one search mechanism is more ‘accurate’ for my application user. Also, what would be a good answer to my supervisor to explain the difference. Thanks!


The Twitter Search on the Website goes back nearly for the full history. The API is only able to go back a few days and therefore will have limited results.
The access to all Tweets, even very old ones is provided through a paid service, but this seems like not a good option to you. The only possible way for you seems to be to use the Search API and agree it’s limitations.