Hashtag - No results under Latest Tab



Hey guys! This is my first time in the community so please forgive me if I break any rules. I developed a desktop app for DJs (windows & mac and works with Serato) that composes and posts tweets for them while they play their set. The user enters a pattern which can include a tag for the song title, the artiste name, the artiste twitter handle and just about anything else. Each tweet is posted with #DJPullUp.

What I have noticed is that when a user plays for very long (hours), the following day, I don’t see any tweets for #DJPullUp when I search for the hashtag. None of the tweets are showing up in search but they are still on the user’s profile. How do I address this? What causes it?

I included the hashtag in order to track posts made by the application and also in an effort to have the hashtag trending.

Any help would be appreciated!

You can check out the app here: www.djpullup.com



I’ve just successfully found a bunch of Tweets with that hashtag on the Twitter web search. However, these forums are for discussion of API issues rather than the Twitter website. Is this a problem using the search API?

You should not attempt to game the trending topics. This is against the automation rules and may lead to terms, Tweets or users being blacklisted.


Hi Andy,

Thanks for the reply. The tweets don’t show up using the search API and when I check the site, they don’t show up there either. They usually return after a while though. What I need to know is if the gateway flags the hashtag as spam for a while then updates it afterwards.

I also need to hashtag to track the use and performance of the app. For now, I have to show prospective users how well the app works and searching for the hashtag is the best way for them to see it. I have not seen anything about this in the auto tweeting rules (unless I misunderstood something).

Please advise.