Hashtag intelligence application



Hello, my name is Andrew, I’m a java developer and I got a test task from one company, I need to write an application using the Java Spring Boot and Twitter API, I’m little acquainted with Twitter API and I want to get advice and recommendations on implementing the architecture and how to solve the problem best way. I need to write an application with the requirements:
The application should be built with Java 8 and Spring Boot. You will need to integrate the Twitter API and fetch the necessary information from the API. Display output via a web page.

Example output could be the following:
Hashtag: #X
07/20/2012 (13: 00-14: 00) = 5
07/20/2017 (14: 00-15: 00) = 12

07/21/2017 (12: 00-13: 00) = 8
For example how to define a hashtag?
Thank you for your attention, I will be glad to all the recommendations and advice.