Hashbang URLs not supported?


I’m working on a number of web applications that are built using AngularJS. Our AngularJS applications is a SPA (Single Page Application). We are conforming to the AJAX Crawling Specifications as defined by google and generally adopted by the bot and crawling communities ( https://developers.google.com/webmasters/ajax-crawling/docs/specification). I am surprised to see that twitter cards do not support hashbang ("#!" - aka shebang) style URLs. While I don’t expect your twitter bot to handle the rendering of the page like my browser does (typically organizations like mine will implement an SEO Service, and we are no different), I would however expect the twitter bot to handle the URL (even if it converts the “#!” to “?escaped_fragment=”.

My Questions:

  1. Why is this not supported? This is a widely used web standard
  2. Why does the twitter bot explicitly strip out anything to the right of the “#!”?
  3. Is support for this on the roadmap, or will twitter continue to exclude this standard?
  4. Is there a workaround that I’m just not aware of?

This is easy enough for me to work around if I provide a “tweet” button, but this means that any user that copies one of my URLs to their clipboard to tweet on their own will find the link to be broken.


Twitter moved away from Hashbang anything in back in May of 2012. You can read their explanations here: https://blog.twitter.com/2012/improving-performance-on-twittercom.


I realize that they (twitter) moved away from it, but the twitter card bot doesn’t even recognize that other sites (like the sites I’m building) DO use hashbangs. I’m not asking twitter to use them, but simply to allow the twitter bot to recognize them when sharing a URL through twitter.


Would it be possible to reply with a few hashbang URL examples for us to test, or are your web apps not publicly accessible?


As of today, the team has rolled out a change that will convert #! to “escaped_fragment.” Please confirm that you are now seeing this behavior!


@jbulava, i just tested and confirm twitter bot unable to crawl twitter card with #! . If you need example of url, look through few posts in my twitter history. Can PM me.


Since this was a week ago, could you provide some examples here for us to investigate further?


We deployed an update this weekend that fixes an indexing and caching issue with #! URLs. Hopefully this resolves the issues you’ve been seeing. If not, please let me know.