Has the 'embed Tweet' function been rolled out to everyone because i cannot see the function on any tweet permalink pages?


I have read the developers update about ‘embeddable Tweets’ but I cannot use the function. Is it just me or has it only been released to a select few?


The Tweet Embed function is only present to those who have the newest version of Twitter – right now, slowly being rolled out to all users. You can get an early place in line by using Twitter for iPhone or Android though.

You can use the embed feature via the API with or without the new Twitter.


I don’t even see the embed option after downloading and installing the newest Android and iPhone apps.


It’s only on the website right now – would it be useful to you to have the embed feature available on iOS or Android?


I don’t see it on the website either. I logged out and logged in again, but it’s not there.


I’m having the same problem – the help section makes it sounds like the embed feature is fully available and usable, but I cannot find the “embed this tweet” text described anywhere. Frustrating to have spent time looking for it only to hear now that it’s only available to some users.


Signing in with the updated mobile apps adds your account to a queue for getting the updated web experience. The changeover is not instant, but will happen as the queue continues to be processed.

If you don’t have the updated Twitter web, you can always use the oEmbed endpoint to obtain embed codes for a given Tweet: https://dev.twitter.com/docs/api/1/get/statuses/oembed


I signed in with the updated mobile apps days ago. How long would it take for “the queue to be processed”…a year?

Thanks for the oEmbed link, but I am not a programmer and I don’t even understand the instructions on that page…I just want to have the “embed this tweet” option on my regular Twitter page, as most everyone else seems to have it :-).


Dammit where is the freakin “embed tweet”


Cant find it either!


It’s on the permalink page for tweets, provided you have the newest version of Twitter. The new version of Twitter is still being rolled out to folks.


I searched a long time-like you, folks.I can´t find nothing. No “embed tweet”. I use twitter in any way, incl. mobile. It´s horrible to know about an easy way an no possibility to use it. Does anybody know when this new twitter is roled out for all of us??


Help me find out too Embed tweet


I’m having the same issue, I use the mobile apps so I should be in whatever queue there is for the rollout, but I cannot see the embed button on any of my tweets permanent pages.


Looks great, but the functionality has a little ways to go still. It’s not by default really designed to scale nicely/intelligently, especially on a mobile site/width.


can’t find it! oh goshhhhh




i cant find the embed tweet should i try updating my twitter or what! sos


Click on any tweet…u will find a “Details” link…click that…and you will find “Embed this Tweet” option…hope that helps