Has OAuth changed today 9/25?


Our applications all use OAuth to post status updates and have been working fine until about 2:30PM EST today. Now our applications all return an error 215 (bad auth)???


Have exactly the same problem here, so it’s something their end, and not ours.


Our application started to get error 32 “Could not authenticate you”. We’re using API v1.1. It was working for months before without changes.


sorry, forgot to mention version we’re using 1.1 also



We are having same issue. I think something got changed in Twitter OAuth. Does anybody has any solution yet?


It appears as though the Twitter API is no longer supporting oauth parameters in the URL or body. But, putting them in the Authorization header made the requests go through.


Sorry for the delay everyone. We’re currently working to roll back a change that is causing this behavior. I’ll follow up when that process is complete, but it should resolve the issue for you.


Thank you for your patience. This issue should be resolved. Please visit the OAuth section of the forum for further support. For any further inquiries regarding OAuth please open a new thread in the OAuth category https://twittercommunity.com/category/oauth



Is anyone still experiencing this issue? I am getting 215 when updating status with and without image.


Having the same issue when trying to upload video. Doing multipart/form-data request, generating Authentication header as described in documentation. When running test like showed in examples in docs - all generates correctly, but when changing to real values - getting this error. not sure what is wrong with authentication