Handle rate limits for a high call application


We have developed an App that lets users follow accounts. Those selected accounts’ twitter feeds then aggregated and shown to the user in a single window. This is shooting the rate limit to exhaust quickly as if we have 100 users at a time, their each account will make at least 1 call to the twitter API. Where we can only make less than 80 calls in 15 mins.

Thanks in advance for any help.


You should avoid building apps that automate following - this is against the automation policy.

In general, you’re talking about account limits, not API rate limits. Each account can only follow and unfollow a set number of accounts per day. This is not related to the activities an application can take on a read-only basis. Attempting to follow or unfollow quickly in an automated fashion will rapidly get the application suspended and the probably have the user account locked for automated activity too.


Thanks for your answer.
For our App purposes, we are showing twitter feeds of the followed companies in a single feed to the user. Is there any work around doing this without reaching 1000 follows a day or API 80 calls in 15 mins limits.
Will be thankful as that is a main feature of our application.



I’m not clear what you mean by “reaching 1000 follows a day”. That’s an account limitation and nothing to do with the API.

Which API endpoints do you intend to use?