Handle empty feed from Profile Widget



I am using the widget code for profile feed as,

						<div class="tweet">
							<script src="http://widgets.twimg.com/j/2/widget.js"></script>
								new TWTR.Widget({
								  version: 2,
								  type: 'profile',
								  rpp: 5,
								  interval: 30000,
								  width: 250,
								  height: 400,
								  theme: {
									  shell: {
									      background: '#C0DEED',
									      color: '#3B5998'
									    tweets: {
									      background: 'white',
									      color: 'black',
									      links: 'gray'
								  features: {
								    scrollbar: false,
								    loop: false,
								    live: false,
								    behavior: 'all'

How to handle empty feed from Profile Widget ? I am displaying the feed of my users. SO, some people might left it empty and i want to know a way to not display the feed box, if feed not available.