Haiku identifier bot regularly gets warning some features are suspended


TwaikuGC is a Twitter bot that simply identifies haikus, but upon login we keep being told that our account had certain features disabled for the safety of users, do you know why this happened? Our account finds a haiku once every 1-5 minutes or so, but does not ping the user through likes or retweets. As far as we know, we have followed all of the automation rules and not crossed into aggressive interaction. Would you be able to explain to us why this is happening if this is not the case?

Thanks for your help! Would love to continue making fun bots on twitter without account suspension warnings


We’re not able to comment directly on individual apps and accounts on the forums. This is why we direct you to the platform support forms by default in cases of application suspension.

You’re specifically stating that your app’s account is having features restricted, which sounds to me more like an account interaction and behaviour issue more than an application problem, and I’d therefore suggest you check this page and follow any instructions related to appeals there. So far as I can tell from a brief look, the account only appears to quote Tweets, so that’s very likely to be a reason it may have been flagged, but I’m not an expert in this area. Check the email associated with the account for any additional notices.

Closing this thread, as we’re unable to do more here.

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