Guidelines for Reporting Issues


Below are guidelines for asking questions or reporting issues to the Advertiser API forum. These guidelines, in addition to the forum guidelines, make it much easier for others to investigate any issues you’re experiencing, and help you with any problems or questions.

  1. Before asking questions, make sure to search the forums and documentation first.

  2. When reporting an issue that you’re experiencing, be specific and provide as much information as you can.

    • What steps can be taken to reproduce the problem? Provide the complete request and response queries if applicable (preferably using twurl)
    • What went wrong? What should have happened instead?
    • Include the account ID so that Twitter staff can investigate if this is an account-specific issue
  3. Be sure to not reveal any confidential information from advertisers, clients, or your company. See the sensitive information section below

  4. Don’t open duplicate threads of the same issue. This won’t get your question answered quicker and makes your thread harder to find.

  5. If a reply has been especially helpful and resolved your issue, please mark the answer as the solution, as shown in this GIF:

Ads API Sensitive Information

When posting request and responses, it’s important to distinguish what information can and cannot be shared publicly. If you see posts that contain confidential information, please flag them.

  • All API-related IDs are safe to share on the forum. These include:

    • Twitter App ID
    • Ads API entity IDs (account, funding instrument, campaign, line item, or promoted tweet IDs)
  • Credentials and confidential information should never be posted publicly. These include:

    • OAuth credentials
    • Confidential advertiser information (advertiser name associated with stats or spend, for example)
    • Passwords and personal identifiable information

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