Guidelines for abiding by Twitter rules for automation


We have an application that posts tweets on a variety of financial, economic and healthcare related issues. We would like to know the general guidelines for composing/posting tweets such that they are not flagged as spam or other unacceptable behavior causing a suspension of write capabilities on our account.

For example, we read that duplicative tweets or use of hashtags/handles may cause Twitter to flag the account as spammy. We are not sure how to avoid these problems as the application will post tweets that might differ only in small ways (e.g. the numeric data contained therein).

Any suggestions/advice will be most welcome.

Thanks for your help,
Ronny Shahrabani


Thanks for building on Twitter. For a general refresher on Twitter policy as it relates to spam we suggest that you review the Automation Rules and the Twitter Rules.

Also, per our recent blog post we can confirm that posting identical or substantially similar content to multiple accounts is not permitted.

Do not (and do not allow your users to) simultaneously post identical or substantially similar content to multiple accounts. For example, your service should not permit a user to select several accounts they control from which to publish a given Tweet.

This applies regardless of whether the Tweets are published to Twitter at the same time, or are scheduled/queued for future publication.

As an alternative to posting identical content, you can Retweet content from one account from the other accounts you wish to share that post from. This should only be done from a small number of distinct accounts that you directly control. Please note that bulk, aggressive, or very high-volume automated Retweeting is not permitted under the Automation Rules, and may be subject to enforcement actions.

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