Guidance on favorites/create endpoint usage


Hello, I’m familiar with the automation rules and the rate limits, but twice we’ve been flagged (and lost write permissions) for using the the favorites/create endpoint. We built an internal app to help identify specific tweet topics, and created a simple dashboard for our social media person to “like” tweets. The app meticulously follows rules (never allows the user to select more than the specified daily limit) and also - of late - takes away the ability to select (and like) more than about a dozen at a time - and we also put a delay on the actual call to the endpoint to make them not fire at once.

So the two-part question is: A) does this fall into the allowable category of non-automation, and B) how do we prove/change/nerf things further to avoid being identified as evil? The intent is to follow the rules.



Hi Matt!

Unfortunately, we don’t have visibility into how our bots flag for automation violations for spammy behavior. The reason this keeps happening to your account is most likely due to the behavior being out of the ordinary for likes.

Likes should be a real indication that you’re engaging with a Tweet. Liking a large group of Tweets based on the results of a keyword search is inauthentic behavior that becomes spammy very quickly. This is true even if this behavior is manual.



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