Guest Authentication Rate Limits



after reviewing these links:

I couldn’t find which is the limit for “guest login” attempts. I’m receiving a “Too many requests” error if I try it several times, but I’d need to know the exact number which I’m guessing is 15.

Besides, in the first of the links there is a section that says:

Guest authentication is an extension to application authentication and as such, the permission scope and rate limits are the same as application authentication. There are however two major differences:

  • rate limits will scale with the number of users of your application
  • guest auth tokens have a time expiration

What does “scale with the number of users” mean? Is that the app auth limit for a particular resource is going to grow with the number of users? (i.e. statuses/timeline has an app auth rate limit of 300 requests, if I have 10 users it won’t be 300, will it be 300*x?? What would be x?)

What would be the expiration time for this tokens?



Hey there,

Take a look at this post regarding rate limits scaling.



Thank you Val,

in fact I just realized that wasn’t the guestLogin the one receiving “too many requests”, but the request to statuses/user_timeline

I’ve responded in the other thread. Could you have a look at it?

Thank you!


Thanks for letting us know, we’ve updated the Fabric Guest Auth limits to 180 per 15 minutes per device user for the following:

  • statuses/show
  • statuses/lookup
  • statuses/user_timeline
  • search/tweets