[Guest Authentication] obtain guest token without fabric



Hi! i want obtain GUEST TOKEN (/1.1/guest/activate.json) without Fabric, only using REST API and then make REST API calls with this guest token. This is possible?


Guest authentication is a feature of Fabric and is not available outside of Fabric apps. What are you trying to achieve, and why are app or user auth not appropriate for your needs?


Hi Andy! We are developing Android & iOS app (with Fabric) and we have anonymous navigation in the apps, with guest token we let the user navigate to twitter feeds. Now we are building web app and want replicate that functionallity (let anonymous users see Twitter Feeds) and with app auth token we only have 450 requests/15 minutes. So guest token will help us very much.


If you use Twitter web embedded timelines this should not be an issue.


OK! we saw that Twitter web embedded timelines is a good solution for us. We should use: [embedded-timelines/search] (https://dev.twitter.com/web/embedded-timelines/search) but the problem is we have a lot of Querys, so create manually one widget for each query is very slow. Do you know if there is a way to create widgets programatically?


The oEmbed endpoint supports embedded timelines.


But oEmbed API only support User,List,Likes & Collection timelines and not Search TimeLine.
The only way i found to execute search query (without REST API) is creating manually one widget for each search query. My question is if there is an endpoint to create search widgets?