Group Direct Message Doesn't Working


When someone sends me a message with more than two participants, I don’t receive it on the streaming, but with just two participants I receive normally.

Why group direct message doesn’t works?


This is currently not exposed in the public API unfortunately. (I am very unhappy about this as well, as it leads to fragmentation of conversation, where I can see some on all clients and some only on Twitter official Clients)


Twitter will provide this in the near future?


I have no idea, would be great if someone of Twitter Staff could provide a bit information about it, so we at least know a little bit what to expect.

/cc @andypiper @jbulava


Hi @ePirat and @cadu_bressan, I’ll mention this to the DM team and see if they can add more context. I’m personally not aware of the development roadmap for direct messages.


At the moment, group Direct Messages are not available in our API. We are looking into adding support for this in the future. Thanks for the feedback.