Grid widget: Timeline?



Good day guys,

Are there any plans to incorporate timelines into the Grid widget?

Curating a colletion for a grid becomes to tedious, is there anyway to automate the adding to a collection as a work around?

I love the grid look but it’s to much of a pain to manage long term.


The grid template is currently available for the collection datasource only.


I totaly get that, But I was asking if there are plans to bring it to timelines, likes or lists?

Also if their is a way we can auto post to collections.
Example anything that is liked add to collection?



Hey there @tfraley. We will definitely take on board your comments here but there’s nothing to share today on what features we might add in future. We’ve definitely heard from others than manually curating collections may feel like hard work, but it also provides a lot of control versus an open search timeline. Thanks for the feedback, we are always listening!


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