Gradle sync error while fetching moat-mobile-app-kit



I am trying to update mopub SDK to 5.1.0. Whenever we do gradle sync, we get these 2 errors:

I can’t access those URLs from a browser as well, tried to access those URLs from a server machine with a different IP address, the same result. I get “access denied” in all scenarios.

Some help would be greatly appreciated.



This is a known issue that causes Moat 2.4.1 build errors that affects publishers using MoPub Android SDK 4.20.0+, One by AOL 6.8.1., Android Studio 3.1.2 and the latest Gradle build tools.

There are two workarounds:

  • Option 1: Disable Moat on the MoPub’s side. This will disable viewability via Moat.
  • Option 2: Publishers integrating the MoPub SDK binary cloned from GitHub can manually upgrade the Moat SDK version from 2.4.1 to the latest (2.4.5 as of this writing).

Note, a fix has been included in the new SDK version 5.2. we just released:

We encourage you to update your version when possible.